Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crayons, sketch pens,pencils, oil pastels, paints,water colour, acrylic,brush ,palette, knife,eraser, this that....blah blah blah... oh nothing... its just the impact of me having visited a stationary store. The multiplicity in colours has forever fascinated me. Its red , hmmmm... but not exactly red. Its a li'l brownish. I think i also see a tinge of yellow in it,but i guess this colour is possible only with a drop of purple.......a brownish yellowish purplish red? ya...still its red. I know that its red. but how? this looks like that vague toadstool i was given to colour in my kindergarten. wow! Do you remember the cute rhyme that comes along?

' ...croak! croak! croak! croak!
who is in pink frock?
oh! li'l greeny frog;
in blue 'n brown bog!....."

That green was a shade of brownish olive and there was bright blue water composed of messy strokes from my broken jumbo wax crayon that was specially designed by some wonderful person to keep me alive even after biting into it.(wax crayons actually can taste yum ;) ).
Every time this rhyme was yelled......er.......sung in the class in chorous in tune we were 'supposed' to ve clung to, a beautiful picture of a cartoonish, sloppy frog underneath a nice smooth polka dot spotted toadstool n its kid actually using it as a stool :P...........
...well what was i intending to say??
oops sorry i forgot... hope to get back in the next scribble........