Friday, October 16, 2009

A Refrain

' koI kahiyo rE, prabhu Avan kI .. Avan kI, mann bhAvan kI '

She hummed the song for the fourth time. It was getting addictive.

The screen, blue striped white, fluttered expectantly. One could hardly see the road. Dust,sand and wind waltzed around to welcome the awaited one.

40 degrees Celsius. Rain expectant earth. The one tendriled creeper on the far left of the window shook its last speck of dust down.

Washing machine made tumbling musical noises as if it murmured a lyric. The silence was viscous, with the widowed tea cup's attempts to dry off.

Whipping a bowl of batter, she walked across the room. The broom fell, by now tired of the tune. The leaky tap's drip percussed the tumbling lyric.

She had just washed the batter off her hand. The mild fragrant musk lingered, swinging with the song.

The air thickened; foot steps....
Those deceptive ones which always yearned to be his.

Dusky kalamkAri clothe, clung to her gently. The patterned cotton making waves on her arm. Shapes of a crescent moon's desire.

The cross-ventilated drawing room was busy with whispers of the unheard southern wind's breezy secrets.

I saw her lashes for the first time. Each one smiled, for the waxing white of her eye.
First few drops plopped. The door opened to him, and secrets ceased to be...

'Avan ki... mann bhAvan ki....'


subhashini said...

Really nice. I loved the way you put "Dust,sand and wind waltzed around to welcome the awaited one". Coming to think of it, I guess I liked almost every single line.

Beautiful :)

thripurasundhari said...

Thank you :D

Anonymous said...

Madhuvanti!!! :D if the time were a bit more towards evening, and if the song were set in madhuvanti.... :)

thripurasundhari said...

Sure! Thou shalt set it to madhuvanti :) :P

thripurasundhari said...

Its the refrain of a mIrA bhajan.

carp said...

This is arbit, but I'd like to travel with you to Benaras, to Kashi, to holy places.

Ah I see you squirming at the use of the phrase 'holy place'.

Lovely post.