Saturday, December 18, 2010

முன்னமவனுடைய நாமம் கேட்டாள்,
மூர்த்தியவனிருக்கும் வண்ணம் கேட்டாள்,
பின்னே அவனுடைய ஆரூர் கேட்டாள்,
பேர்த்தும் அவனுக்கே பிச்சியானாள்,
அன்னையுமத்தனையுமன்றே நீத்தாள்,
தன்னை மறந்தாள் தன் நாமம் கெட்டாள்,
தலைபட்டாள் நங்கை தலைவன் தாளே.
- அப்பர்

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The groundnut escapade

What do you do when you realize its your perima's birthday, you wish to gift her a sweet and all you can think of are the two boxes of peanut butter that you finished off with your friend?

  1. Pick a handful* of groundnuts.
  2. Roast them with a dash of ghee and dry neem flowers. By now your mom will think you have gone crazy.
  3. Salt it.
  4. Grind the mixture up.
  5. Let a 'not-very-concentrated' sugar syrup happen on the 'other' burner.
  6. Knead wheat flour into dough with water and a few drops of ghee.
  7. Adding to your mom's suspicion regarding your madness, no salt to the dough.
  8. Let her help you make little rotis due to time crunch.
  9. Cut them into half and make little cones like you'd do for samosas.
  10. Perfect guess, i can see the madness seeping into you. Fill them with the nut+neem stuff and seal.
  11. Deep fry these kuttis in heated oil.
  12. Here goes the first one into the sugar syrup and you are officially set for the asylum!
  13. All others jump into the syrup in a line
After it is tasted, you can relish their smiles.
This is what it might look like.

Not very photogenic. Tastes interesting nevertheless.

*All measurements are left to your imagination.