Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Refrain

'Neend na aaye, tere bina; dil ghabraye, tere bina..'

The voice melted in its own meaning.

Three dreamy pairs of eyes held dilated pupils staring down.

One, ran away to a certain faraway home-town. It knocked at his dream's door and shook her awake to his yearning.

Past the blurry image of the mat, the second pair of eyes threw on him, her locked up sack of questions. They were wailing for bitter-sweet answers.

The other pair was fighting too. She forcibly pushed off any name to the man shaped void in her mind - A space she breathes in and perspires in the pain of its being void.

There was a fourth pair of eyes that seemed undilated; drunk in just the music.

The walls and the floor juggled echoes from a refrain of five different songs.

'tere bina..'

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