Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brutes, sexually

There are these things. They buzz around like mosquitoes on motor-bikes. Often like house flies – Do what they seek and fly away before getting swatted. They all love mannequins; they love to touch them; they love to stare at them; they get ecstatic, apparently. More lovable if the mannequins were made of flesh and were animated up.  

These things are felt mostly around unlit streets at night. Often they are also propped midst people in crowded buses or trains. There may also be a few around familiar walls. Please do not insult thieves by equating these things to them. These things never take anything that can last more than a snap of a moment. They probably suck much up from the memory later. I wouldn’t know. But, I know that all memories people have of these things are like that of an unclean lavatory, a mosquito bite or a piece of metal in your food – annoying. They can be painful occasionally, even hazardous.

They emanate disgust.

They reek of disposability. Like a dysfunctional, yet grunting machine that may not be repairable. They shall be thrown away, swatted off eventually.

The law of this land tells me that they are living beings. Well, as an ecological egalitarian I think all lives deserve respect. This is my memorandum of warning for those things to grow unworthy of swats.

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Soumya Mishra said...

Dear Smruthi, I only saw this piece now and and cannot help but marvel at how beautifully you have made a political statement poetically. This is a great metaphor and I especially like the sentence, "There may also be a few around familiar walls" in context to the writing. It is angry, yet balanced. Thanks for writing, your blog is a delight.